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How you could gain more from your conference or corporate communication efforts? How you can reach even broader audience and actually save the costs? Webcasting is one of the answers.

Webcasting helps to increase your online presence and brand visibility without the need to host all the attendees in a venue. It helps you to share your message worldwide and make sure it is not forgotten even after the event is over.

Webcasting is evolving with new technologies coming in. For example, one of the great benefits of using Klewel webcasting service is the built-in search engine advanced with speech recognition to find keywords and expressions within the presentation.

The worries about slides being handed in by presenters or the audio or video being recorded will not be your concern anymore with Klewel's system. They record everything, the audio/video, and slides and displays it in a user-friendly manner for you to re-visit and access the information anytime.

Either you are webcasting conferences to get a larger audience or webcasting internal events to make it available only within your multinational company, Klewel has solutions for both cases.


  • Increase your visibility and spark your online presence.

  • Expand the reach of a much broader audience.

  • Improve comprehension of material shared by search through keywords.

  • Boost your site traffic and marketing efforts.

  • Reduce the costs of your meeting and corporate training.

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