Uncover 15% to 20% More Accurate Demand Predictions @ Supply Chain

A U.S. multinational computer technology company had a functional day-to-day demand forecasting process but it narrowly relied on historical forecast performance. When it came time to ask questions of the data, they lacked an algorithmic method to fully exploit a broad set of causal data to inform them how to plan more accurately, risking excessive working capital costs and delays in bringing new products to market expediently.

Using Demand Guru’s enhanced demand insights to deliver greater value for their demand planning system and process, this high-tech company honed-in on their key drivers of demand and uncovered up to a 10-point/23% improvement in their forecast accuracy.

Customer Gains:

  • Multi-million dollar working capital savings from forecast accuracy gains.

  • Lower cost to serve while meeting customer service level agreements.

  • Analytical, efficient, consistent demand forecasting across business units.

You may learn much more about the case in LLamasoft article.

LLamasoft enables organizations around the world to model and optimize their supply chain operations for major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.

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