Smartphone-Based Personal Safety and Well-Being Assistant for Children

With proliferation of tablets and smartphones among very young children and growing use of online applications - it becomes ever more important to involve the children in managing their online safety and wellbeing.

Using Privately’s technology, App developers, Gaming companies, Web Platforms and device manufacturers can deploy child-centric online safety solutions focused on building resilience in children through a combination of self-help tools, awareness and education. [video

Privately’s technology detects, protects and educates children:

  • DETECT. On-device, Private and Real-time detection of threats, risks and problematic behaviours through automatic analysis of texts and images.

  • PROTECT. Helps children manage situations proactively while protecting their privacy and deal with bullying, inappropriate content, privacy, screen time, etc.

  • EDUCATE. Personal guidance, education on media literacy and resilience - endorsing positive behaviour for overall online wellbeing.

By empowering children to better manage their own digital lives we can together develop better digital citizens who engage positively with digital media.

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