Shelf and Merchandising Strategy with 3D Eye Tracking Technology & Data @ Retail, Physical Store

When the product hasn't reached the target sales or is sold much worse in one store than in another, you may try to analyse why it happened and invest a lot of time in finding the right answers. Is where a better data driven way to optimise and advance the merchandising strategy?

3D eye tracking method can help you to see how undecided buyers are at the shelf, the number of brands seen prior to purchase, which were those brands, if they gazed longer at you or at the competition and what final choice they made. Analysing the shopper’s eye movements can tell a lot about her/his perceptions, intentions and future actions. If you use eye tracking you are able to understand if your product was not bought because it was unseen or unliked. 

So far, eye-tracking has been mostly done by using special glasses or headsets. These are given to the customers to be worn during the shopping process.

Eyeware Tech created 3D eye-tracking technology that remotely tracks visual attention from as far as 1.3m (4.3 ft) away. 

This means:

  • No glasses – it is a non-intrusive method.

  • No VR headset – the shopper is not burdened by any heavy objects during shopping.

  • No personal approach with the shopper – it is all anonymous and GDPR friendly.

  • No calibration.

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