Protecting Your Reputation by Video Recognition @ Social Media

Up to 98% of videos where logos appear, don’t mention the brand at all. How do you find all the videos with your brand, that people across the world are creating?

With video recognition. For the first time in history, you can identify the videos that contain your brand, that are the most engaging, and shared the most. It’s easy brand engagement, requiring minimal-effort and giving you maximum return.

Video recognition also monitors the dangerous brand mentions, helping you shape the dialogue and protect your brand image. It also detects inappropriate use of your brand, and finds when people share forgeries of your products. If your name is connected to a fake or faulty product, it can seriously damage your reputation. You’ll know right away. Full integration of video recognition with all your other analytics, allows you to create real time alerts when damaging images or videos are detected. In a crisis, every second counts.

Talkwalker video analysis is powered by the Talkwalker AI Engine. It’s proprietary technology that uses the power of machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks to analyse data en masse.

There’s plenty of other ways it powers AI marketing, but for video recognition, it analyzes videos and images from the most extensive brand, location, and scene database in the industry. For the first time ever, you can detect your brand logo in motion, along with the situation or location people share it in.

Benefits. Protect your brand from a crisis in text, image and video. Get 10x more campaign shares using video content. Measure the true ROI of your sponsorships.

Price. It depends on company's size and objectives. Pricing is shared here.

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