Personalised Messaging for Customers in Physical Stores @ Retail, Sales

Today, the main challenges for physical retail are to provide consistent customer experiences and the right products on display. At the same time growing privacy concerns put scanning customer devices without their knowledge off-limits. 

The innovative Advertima solution on storefronts plays dedicated content to attract people from a distance. It notices when they approach and invites them with personalised messaging to visit the store. The technology generates behavioral data for all customers without scanning any personal devices.

Advertima uses head poses to understand the attention of people and to avoid technologies that compromise privacy. The ability to discern 512 positions per person in real-time ensures best-in-class accuracy.

This technology also interprets per person 18 body joints to understand body language and gestures. Each joint is described in real-time with 2D and 3D coordinates.


Better Customer Experience

  • Storefronts Offer Novelty and Surprise

  • Welcome Messages and Offers Are More Relevant

Added Value

  • More Footfall of Desired Customer Segments

  • Storefronts Better Engage and Activate Shoppers

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