Leverage the Collective Human Intelligence of Your Organisation

80% of the knowledge in the organisation goes undocumented, questions go unanswered, people waste time looking for the right person to ask. Things get even more complicated during transformations or after mergers and acquisitions. So how to increase productivity and foster collaboration across the organisation?

Starmind's patented algorithms infuse artificial intelligence with neuroscience. Using data from over 200 sources, including corporate intranets, Slack, Microsoft Office, Jive, Microsoft Teams, and more, its self-learning algorithms create neural know-how networks that mimic how a human brain works.

Starmind learns the expertise of a person from the interactions with topics. To model those interactions over time, it is needed to identify the importance, generality, and context of the topic. To make this right, it has to process many textual data types such as chat messages, support tickets, project descriptions, calendar entries and so on. All these data types get processed and weighted in importance to provide a person’s comprehensive expertise profile. So that when the information is needed and question is asked, answers are provided immediately. Or in case solutions do not exist, the inquiry is automatically routed to the best experts.


  • Saves on average 2,3 hours per enquiry.

  • 95% of problems are solved.

  • 70% of solutions are provided by the team members in a different office.

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