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"Venom" is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics distributed by Sony Entertainment. LargoAI tried to assess the likely revenue for Venom and made an incredibly accurate prediction of Venom's box office revenue. LargoAI predicted $201 million, while the real US box office revenue was $213 million. Predictions regarding the revenues from other countries were extremely close to the actual gross as well.

LargoAI provides data-driven intelligence to the movie industry with the proprietary technologies that show the recipes to success. They have a strong AI engine that has a cognitive pattern understanding system from video, audio, and text with very high accuracy. Their system converts these cognitive patterns to a high-level representation that they call a film recipe. By using film recipes, their technology can discover the potential of a film at very early stages, even at the script level, and provide actionable insides to improve it.

Based on the script analysis and other film metadata (budget, director and cast, production country, etc.), Largo's AI software can predict if a script in development should be greenlighted.

When analyzing a sample of 50 US films released in the last 3 years, the LargoAI engine was able to accurately predict which ones should have been given the green light with an 82% degree of accuracy.

Benefits. Largo empowers production companies with data-enhanced ROI uplift and reduction of risk.

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