Data Extraction with Parashift Document Center Can Radically Reduce Costs

Every company owns documents (such as invoices) and is looking for ways to improve its management: better extraction of the data, better ways of organising and archiving.  

Parashift has built two first cloud SaaS products to solve this issue. The first solution that was brought to the market is the Parashift Document Center (PDC). With PDC, Parashift provides data extraction via a platform or API solution to integrate the technology into customers’ existing workflows and software components.

The second product, doXeo, is a solution to make document management significantly more efficient. Besides the data extraction engine, companies get a platform to digitize, organize, approve invoices, and archive documents without tedious manual work. Customers’ document inflows can be sent to the platform via multifunctional printers, mobiles or email and get directly transformed into a signed pdf file before data extraction takes place. Based on the classification and extraction results, doXeo suggests accounting records that improve over time as the document types get assigned to the relevant accounts which train the models.

Benefits. Guaranteed 100% Full data extraction of accounting documents and invoices - no more manual accounting work.

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Duration. 5-10 minutes.

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