Chatbot that Saves You up to 75 % of Costs per Conversation with Customers

Conversational AI or so called chatbot helps quickly answer consumers requests 24/7 through messages.

You may notice chatbots on several websites already. It’s a little icon, most often at the bottom of your screen that invites the reader to ask questions, if needed. It might be used for learning about a products qualities, booking an appointment or any other query about the company.

At Enterprise Bot they use historical company data to create an AI-powered chatbot within a few weeks. Their state-of-the-art AI uses word vectors and shallow neural networks to understand natural language with an accuracy of more than 85%. The chatbot can answer customers' questions within seconds at all times, which leads to increases in sales and improved service to customers.

The chatbots are available in multiple languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and more) and on various channels (Website, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Apps, etc.), and it is easily possible to perform various back-end integrations.

The browser-based system has an intuitive and simple user interface that ensures high productivity and automation with minimal training for your support team. It provides the ability to easily change answers and create new content without a need for programming. The system's built-in intuitive dashboard enables real-time tracking of the chatbot's performance, enabling you to gain meaningful insights and continuously improve accuracy.

The system also allows the use of a hybrid approach, where the chatbot can seamlessly hand over to live agents either at the user's request, through sentiment analysis for unhappy users, or automatically for specific questions. The agents can see the conversation history and enter directly into the chat. This method ensures that no customer query goes unanswered.

The use of Enterprise Bot technology instead of an existing framework such as Microsoft or IBM means that hosting the solution on-site for utmost data security and GDPR compliance is easily possible if desired.

Benefits. The solution elevates user experience by faster response and handling times around the clock, and saves you up to 75 % of costs per conversation with customers. Furthermore, you can make savings from FTE reduction as well as reduction in technology maintenance costs. Lastly, it was seen a significant increase in cross-sales, higher customer acquisition rates and improved insight into customer journeys.

Price. The chatbots are offered on an SaaS basis. Enterprise Bot charges a one-time implementation fee and offer monthly licensing packages of three different sizes. Please contact Enterprise Bot for a more detailed discussion of the pricing.

Duration. You can expect an implementation time of 2 to 4 months for a chatbot, depending on the scope and the number of required integrations. However, the client only has to provide a total of about 10 working days of effort during this time.

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