Antivirus for Deepfakes Having Impact on Corporate Reputation @ Visual Media

There is growing concern about the threats that weaponised misinformation, such as fake news, pose to businesses and their brands.

Deepfakes are highly realistic fake videos, audio recordings, or photos that have typically been generated by deep learning AI. The algorithms behind this AI are fed large amounts of data, such as photos of a person’s face, or audio samples of their voice. From this data, the algorithm is able to generate synthetic audio of that person’s voice saying things they have never said, or videos of that person doing things they have never done.

Deeptrace created the first-to-market deepfakes detection solution designed to guarantee the integrity of visual media. It contains three different levels of action:

  • Monitor: discover and classify deepfakes uploaded on social media, video hosting platforms, and disinformation networks, providing real time alerts and analytics on risk for organizations and individuals.

  • Detect: proprietary detection technology leverages the latest advances in deep learning and video forensics, and elaborates intelligence around the authenticity of visual content.

  • Mitigate: provide tools and expert support in removing compromising content, notify terms infringement, and blacklist domains connected with the creation or spread of deepfake videos.


  1. Media Verification. Guarantee the integrity of visual evidence in the news industry.

  2. Content Reliability. Flag compromised visual content at upload time on social media.

  3. Brand Safety. Protect people and brands from defamatory deepfake videos.

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