Log Data Analytics Platform Reduces Time Spent on Investigating Data by 80% @ IT

Logmind is log data analytics platform for DevOps and IT Operations teams to detect application issues in an automated manner. With advanced machine learning methods, the Logmind platform identifies critical errors from real-time log data and provides recommendations to IT and development teams on how to fix detected issues. This allows IT teams to dramatically reduce their time and manual effort in identifying and resolving critical problems from their production applications.

Benefits. Able to identify your application errors early on before your end-user is affected. Automate error detection process. Reduce time by 80% spent on investigating log data.

Price. Monthly or yearly based subscription, pricing is based on the number of data sources.

Duration. The duration of the on-premise deployment model depends on the complexity of the client's existing log data collection infrastructure. The duration of the cloud-based deployment model is between 1 - 3 working days for a medium-size company.

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